EBR's Exceptional Financial Modeling Service Helped CGL Raise $1,000,000

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Excel Business Resource is a Startup advisors, specializing in Financial Forecasting and Valuation, Strategic planning, and Data Analytics. In this case study we offered our Financial Modeling Services to CGL Global which helped them to raise $1 Million in the 2nd round of Investment for Operational Expansion.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of medical innovation and wellness, CGL Pharma stands as a trailblazer. Founded in Canada, this promising startup is dedicated to harnessing the medicinal potential of Cannabis, 

Financial Modeling Service Case Study CGL Global Full

CBD, and other natural compounds to develop organic medicines for the betterment of consumer health and well-being. The company’s research spans a wide range of areas, from chronic pain management and mental health to addressing neurological disorders and skin conditions. Their commitment to producing all-natural, organic medicines has won them a dedicated following in Canada and has set the stage for international expansion.

Now, the company is at a pivotal moment in its journey, poised for expansion into new markets in Europe, particularly Switzerland and Germany. To realize this ambitious vision, CGL Global sought the expertise of financial modeling and analysis services.

Challenges faced In Creating The Financial Modeling For CGL

To take their vision global, CGL Global faced several key challenges:

Market Expansion:

CGL Pharma’s plans to expand into Europe is a complex process with regulatory, cultural, and competitive nuances that differ from North America. It required comprehensive market research, trend analysis, and demographics to understand local demand, competition, and regulatory requirements.

Additional Investment:

While the initial investment allowed them to conduct groundbreaking research and develop their product line, further rounds of funding were required to scale operations, establish an international presence, and comply with regional regulations.

Financial Modeling and Analysis:

To secure these additional rounds of investment, CGL Global needed a robust financial modeling and valuation analysis that could provide accurate forecasts and demonstrate the company’s growth potential, profitability, and valuation to potential investors.

EBR’s Financial Modeling Approach:

CGL Global engaged with Excel Business Resource as a financial modeling consultant. We offered our financial modeling services, Business Plan Services, and Market Research Services to navigate these challenges. We implemented a tailored approach to address their specific needs:

Market Research and Analysis:

We conducted in-depth market research, identifying potential demand for CGL Global’s products and assessing the competitive landscape in Europe, with a focus on Switzerland and Germany.

Financial Projections:

Our financial modeling analyst team developed comprehensive cannabis financial model, factoring in various scenarios and growth trajectories, and applied various valuation techniques of Startup Investment. CGL Global Pharma had different CBD oil concentrations, i.e. 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20%. Similarly, it had other products i.e. nutraceutical and cosmetic that will be launched after 1 to 2 years of execution. Therefore it is imperative to forecast the product’s revenue accurately to meet the strategic planning. The Model was user-friendly, and dynamic and demonstrated the company’s profitability and potential returns for investors.

Following are the financial modeling work flow

Risk Assessment:

We performed risk assessments, highlighting potential challenges associated with international expansion, compliance with varying regulations, and market dynamics.


The robust financial models we provided played a pivotal role in attracting additional rounds of investment. The data-driven projections and risk assessments instilled confidence in prospective investors, driving further capital infusion. With our provided services of Financial Modeling, Business plan and strategic analysis, CGL Global successfully secured the investment round from the venture capital firm. Moreover both investors and founders gained valuable insight from our financial model and strategic planning and help them in decision making.